Digital Domain to screen first in-house production

The Visual Effects Resource Center

November 24, 1998 

"TIGHTROPE" is Digital Domain's first in-house production, a 5 minute, all CG-animated short film, written and directed by Daniel Robichaud. Stéphane Couture and Bernd Angerer served as animation supervisors. The film was produced by Scott Ross. Edward Kummer was the film's executive producer, and Vala Runolfsson was associate producer.

The allegorical story finds our central character, The Jester moving through a cloud-like environment along a tightrope. For The Jester, life is a joy to behold. His open face reveals inquisitive eyes.

Suddenly, he comes upon another man moving towards him. The Suit has an ominous demeanor. His face is obscured by a dark mask. The Jester extends a hand in friendship which is rebuffed by The Suit -- who then attempts to knock The Jester off the tightrope.

The Jester demonstrates an assortment of magical tricks which he plays upon The Suit. Not to be outdone, The Suit responds with a desperate act which has possibly dire consequences for them both.

"Tightrope" will premiere, beginning Monday, November 23, at Laemmle Monica Theatre, 1332 Second Street, Santa Monica, CA. The play-times are noon and 12:45pm, Monday thru Wednesday, November 23-25. Admission is $5.00. The film will play with 2 live-action shorts.