P3K: Pinocchio 3000 Up For Licensing


May 15, 2003

CinéGroupe has made its major theatrical project, P3K: PINOCCHIO 3000 available for licensing. Carlton consumer division is already onboard to handle licensing, theatrical, publishing, broadcast and video rights in the U.K.

P3K: PINOCCHIO 3000 provides a modern twist on this universally known tale, produced in 3D animation by Animakids Productions and Castelao Productions for kids 4-8. Geppetto (voiced by Howard Ryshpan), with the help of Spencer (voiced by Howie Mandel), creates Pinocchio (voiced by Sonja Ball), a super-robotic boy capable of imagination thanks to the P3K microprocessor. Scamboli (voiced by Malcolm MacDowell), Geppetto’s archrival, manipulates Pinocchio into helping him turn all children into robots. Pinocchio confronts Scamboli and learns valuable lessons so that Cyberina (voiced by Whoopi Goldberg), the holographic fairy, can turn him into a real boy.

The film is directed by Daniel Robichaud, a renowned animation director and digital artist who has worked on TIGHTROPE, TITANIC, THE FIFTH ELEMENT, T2: TERMINATOR 2:3D and APOLLO 13.

The characters and settings of P3K: PINOCCHIO 3000 lend themselves to a full, cross-category licensing campaign, and strong interest has already been noted for apparel and toys – particularly molded figures and robotics/remote control toys. In addition, playsets of the fairground and Gepetto’s talking house are planned, and the strong moral/educative nature of the Pinocchio story, combined with the P3K modern twist also lends itself to electronic learning toys and inter-active toys and promotions.

Gerry Donohoe, md of the Carlton consumer division, said, "P3K: PINOCCHIO 3000 is a wonderful, visual concept, with the strength of the classic tale’s universal appeal. P3K is a highly individual looking production, and Pinocchio is hugely endearing. From a commercial perspective these attributes will allow product to standout on the shelf."

The Carlton consumer division, which also acquired first option on sequels and series, is part of Carlton International (www.carltonint.co.uk) and will be handling U.K. television sales. Carlton handled all aspects of the recent highly successful international THUNDERBIRDS licensing campaign.

Montreal-based CinéGroupe (www.@cinegroupe.ca) is a leader in state-of-the-art animation, CGI, 2D/3D backgrounds and special effects. CinéGroupe is producing TRIPPING THE RIFT, a 3D animation series for primetime on the SciFi Channel and Space (Canada). It produced SERIOUSLY WEIRD, GALIDOR: DEFENDERS OF THE OUTER DIMENSION and SAGWA: THE CHINESE SIAMESE CAT. CinéGroupe is the animation partner of Lions Gate Entertainment.