CinéGroupe Reinvents Pinocchio With Upcoming Animated Feature

February 11, 2003

Canada's first full-length 3D animated feature film P3K, PINOCCHIO 3000, is currently in production in Montréal, and has recently added Malcolm McDowell, Howie Mandel and Whoopi Goldberg to its cast of voices.

McDowell plays Mayor Scamboli, a technocratic megalomaniac who rules the megapolis of Scamboville with an iron fist. Mandel plays Spencer, Gepetto’s trusted cyborg-penguin assistant who helps him create Pinocchio, a very special robot equipped with a one-of-a-kind P3K processor that endows him with the lively imagination of a youngster. Goldberg plays Cyberina, the good fairy who guides Pinocchio on his quest to become a real boy. Sonja Ball (MEGA BABIES, SAGWA) plays Pinocchio and Howard Ryshpan plays Gepetto.

P3K, PINOCCHIO 3000 is a futuristic spin on Collodi’s classic tale of Pinocchio, whose greatest wish is to become a real boy. Adapted by Peter Svatek (NIGHT KNIGHT, SIRENS), from Claude Scasso’s (MARSUPILAMI, WALTER MELON, PRINCESS SISSI) award-winning script, P3K, PINOCCHIO 3000 will be directed by first-time helmer Daniel Robichaud, who has worked as a CG artist on films such as APOLLO 13, TITANIC and THE FIFTH ELEMENT.

The film is a co-production of CinéGroupe, AnimaKids of France and Castelao of Spain and is slated for a 2004 release. CinéGroupe will be previewing the film at the 23rd annual American Film Market, February 19-26, 2003 in Santa Monica, California. P3K, PINOCCHIO 3000 will be distributed by CinéGroupe worldwide excluding Canada, where it will be distributed by Christal Films; England, where it will be distributed by Carlton Visuals; and Spain and Latin America, where it will be distributed by Filmax.

CinéGroupe is a partner of Lions Gate Entertainment and is also currently in production on TRIPPING THE RIFT, a 3D animation series for the SciFi Channel.