Softimage Announces Second Annual Student Animation Contest With Digital, Intergraph and Odyssey

August 5, 1997

Softimage Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft Corp., today announced at SIGGRAPH '97 the second annual "Hippest Test on Planet 3D" international animation contest for members of the Softimage® Education Program (SEP). Created to cultivate and showcase exceptional student talent, the first contest with Digital Equipment Corp. last year drew more than 200 entries from students around the world in only four months. This year, the contest adds a new sponsor, Intergraph Computer Systems, and also increases the total prize value to $83,000, grants an internship position with Softimage, and provides added opportunities for students to demonstrate their capabilities to world-class content producers in the film, video and electronic game industries.

With a panel of top industry talent judging the contest, all students who enter the contest are provided with a unique opportunity to showcase their work. Based on clearly defined criteria, this panel will select the 1998 winners from 60 finalists selected by Softimage. Winning entries will be eligible for inclusion in numerous high-profile demo reels, publications and Web sites. All entries will be viewed by Odyssey Computing Inc. and may be selected for inclusion in its upcoming "Mind's Eye" video.

"We were extremely impressed with the professional quality of the pieces submitted in last year's Softimage student animation contest," said Daniel Robichaud, digital effects supervisor for Digital Domain, member of the panel of judges for the 1997 contest. "With such talent and dedication, I have no doubts that this new generation of digital artists will make their marks in the ever-challenging computer graphics industry."